YouTube is Working on One More Feature for Premium Subscribers


Bringing the Premium membership option in the past months, YouTube is getting ready to add a new option to its Premium subscribers. Thanks to the new feature, Premium subscribers will be able to use the join feature of 1 channel free of charge every month.

YouTube recently announced the YouTube Premium subscription option. Premium subscription; it offered features like ad-free viewing, videos and music playing in the background, and downloading. YouTube offers another feature to its premium subscribers. Subscribers who pay $ 11.99 will be able to use the “join” feature of a channel they want for free every month.

You can have some privileges in this kind of membership, which is a way to support the YouTube content producers you love. YouTubers can make videos, broadcasts, live chats for these members.

Join free option
YouTube Premium subscribers living in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway and Sweden have started receiving promotional notifications about the free join feature. Users who clicked on the notification were directed to a page with channels they could join for free that month.

This feature, which is not yet active in our country, is not available to large masses. It is not yet known whether this feature will be implemented or just a test.

If this feature is more than a test and will be available to users, YouTube will be more rival to Twitch in one area. As you know, Twitch has a similar feature exclusive to Amazon Prime members. There is no explanation for the future of this feature on YouTube.

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So, do you use YouTube Premium? What do you think about this feature of YouTube and the join option? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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