YouTube Wins Subscriber-Only Chat, Polls and Clip Cutting


YouTube has added or expanded the release of three new features that bring content creators closer to the most loyal community of viewers. The idea is to provide more tools for those who carry out long live chat sessions or gameplay, for example, and have a high number of subscribing members.

Remember that features may not appear at the same time for all users, depending also on the region. Check out the news below.


The first new feature was already released for some youtubers: the possibility for users to share “Clips” with cuts of the best moments of videos. The 5 to 60 second snippets can be shared on any social network.

The icon is on the video player itself and is identified by the scissors symbol. From now on, youtubers of games with more than 1,000 subscribers will have access to the function, which should make the content “reach new audiences”.

private chat

The second novelty is the possibility of configuring the live broadcast chat and leaving it only for more specific guests.

YouTuber can limit the chat only to channel subscribers or paying members, for example, and even specify how long the user needs to be subscribed to in order to view and send messages.

Real-time polls

The third and final added feature is the ability to conduct polls during live broadcasts. YouTuber can create interactions in the chat section itself and follow the results in real time.

This can be used for the content creator to make decisions during the game, for example, or to make more broadcasts of that format in the future.

All the news should help YouTube in the fight against Twitch, Amazon’s video platform focused on games. All the features listed above already exist on the competitor’s website, which also has an integration mode with Prime Video.


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