YouTube will warn you not to watch videos


We cannot understand how time passes while watching videos on our phone, we can lock the screen for hours unintentionally when business is the next day. With the YouTube sleep reminder feature, you will be able to limit your video viewing times.

Looking at the screen before going to sleep can cause sleep to run away. One of the examples of restricting social media, which has become an addiction, is added to the platform.

YouTube sleep reminder feature coming soon
The feature we expect to be implemented soon is now in beta. With the setting to be added to the Settings tab, you will be able to set your sleep hours and receive reminders before these hours. In addition, you will be able to restrict how long you can spend time on YouTube in a day.

This feature will allow you to add reminders between 15-180 minutes. If you spend your time watching videos before going to bed, this may be a problem for your sleep, even half an hour between you and YouTube may mean a more comfortable sleep. When the feature is added to the application, “remind before bedtime” option will appear in the settings, you can create a timer using this setting.

We’ve seen sleep reminders in music services like Spotify and Apple Music before. The feature is expected to be implemented in the next few days. Do you find this feature necessary?


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