YouTube will put audio ads in its content


When you use Spotify you can choose between a free version, or a subscription version. The free one, among other things, inserts advertising from time to time. This model is followed by other free online streaming services, and it is the same model that YouTube will also follow with its new function.

Audio Ads on YouTube

YouTube has introduced a new format: audio ads, a type of advertising that will be played between music content and podcasts. The idea behind this new type of ads is “to help companies connect with audiences, and generate greater brand awareness”, as the company indicates on its official blog.

By coming by YouTube and focusing on the audio, the visual component of the ad will be reduced to a still image or a simple animation. They are currently in beta, but tests carried out by the company show “a 75% increase in brand awareness among listeners.”

For those wondering, the ads will be short in duration with a maximum of 30 seconds, and are presented as a complement to YouTube video ads. They will be available through Google Ads and Display & Video 360, for those interested in using them. If you are a YouTube user, you will soon begin to see them integrated into content such as songs or podcasts.

Dynamic Music Selections
Another tool YouTube has introduced to advertisers is dynamic music selections: groups of channels dedicated to popular music genres such as Latin music, K-pop, hip-hop and the Top 100 – but also to moods or hobbies. , like Fitness, in case, for example, the product you want to sell is a smartwatch, or AirPods type wireless headphones.

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