YouTube Will Let You Make Videos With Guests On Split Screen


YouTube: Google has in its possession one of the most visited sites on the entire Internet. Of course, its search engine is the one that receives the most visits, but YouTube is the meeting place for many where they can find out about curiosities and even learn some tutorials. But to improve the use of the application, finally, YouTube receives a series of improvements that we are going to tell you about below.

What’s new on YouTube with split-screen live streams

Today YouTube is one of the most important entertainment platforms on the Internet. Others consider it the ideal place to learn new things through the video tutorials that many users upload showing their tricks and ways to do everything you imagine and more. But the platform may have fallen a bit behind when it comes to features considering how other media apps have grown.

For this reason, one of the novelties that most attracts attention in the next YouTube updates is the use of direct split screens. The owner of a channel can speak to his audience and when the time comes, connect with another user to share a pleasant chat on a given topic.

Another thing we could see soon is NFTs within the platform, a feature that will be reserved for content creators.

Shorts Improvements

The company has noted a growing interest in the copy it has made of short TikTok videos. It seems that they are having a lot of success and the truth is that there will be a substantial improvement in this section. To begin with, there will be some new effects with which to enjoy this part of the platform. What they will be like has not yet been announced, but it will be a matter of time to discover them in the smartphone app.

The other improvement will come to content creators with the so-called Branded Content. These will help create branded content, which will greatly help users buy directly from the app. There will also be new ways for creators to reply to comments directly to comments and to monetize short videos.