YouTube will let you buy the products you see in the videos


The Internet has allowed everyone to have access to products that they cannot find in their usual stores. If you are one of those who know what you are looking for, you may be clear about where to start your search, but sometimes you find something interesting on a site that you would like to order. Many social networks already help you with this and now it is YouTube that will help you buy the products you see in the videos.

YouTube’s new shopping feature

YouTube is a good platform to show the world to find answers to your questions. Videos are a quick way to show the world a tutorial, skills, or anything else that you can stand out for on the Net. Some are dedicated to opening packages in their videos and many wonder where they bought those items. The authors of the videos put the links in the descriptions, but YouTube works in a way to streamline the purchase process.

Everything happens to turn the video social network into one more store thanks to the new function in Google tests. In the company text it says that the function will be available in the applications for iOS and Android smartphones in addition to the desktop version. However, only those who reside in the United States will be able to use this function, which, as we tell you, is currently in the testing phase.

It is a new way of shopping on the Internet, one that for many will be very agile. The feature would provide relevant purchase results for viewers, as well as options to get hold of the products they see in these videos.

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Facebook, Instagram … and now YouTube

That a social network becomes a place to buy online is nothing new. For that we do not have to go to the apps where users put their articles and others sell them. If you have Facebook or Instagram, you will surely have seen options to buy products directly from the application, without going through the seller’s website. As if it were just another virtual showcase. We must also remember the ‘street markets’ type Facebook Marketplace, where users connect with each other to sell and buy items


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