YouTube Will Hide Old Videos That Are ‘Unlisted’


YouTube: This Wednesday (23), Google announced yet another move to its prominent video platform, YouTube. Starting on July 23rd, the company will make unlisted videos, over four years old, private and these will only be visible to their respective channel owners.

Unlisted videos are content published on YouTube that can only be accessed through a link provided by the owner of the channel that posted it. That way, for example, they are also not displayed in surveys or display suggestions.

More specifically, the new measure targets unlisted videos that were posted by January 1, 2017 and allows content creators to determine their preference about the change. Through a form, the user can choose to keep their videos unlisted as they are and thus avoid updating.

Alternatively, content creators can also repost old unlisted videos in the same format, losing records such as likes, comments and views, or making them public.