YouTube Will Have Video Ads For Non-Platform Partners


YouTube started sending emails to its users on Tuesday (25) about changes to the platform’s Terms of Service. Among the main changes, the site will be able to monetize any published video, even the productions of those who are not affiliated with the partnership program. Despite the change, the content producer will not necessarily be entitled to receive it.

“You grant YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service. This includes running ads on the Content or charging users an access fee. This Agreement does not grant you the right to pay for what was quoted above “, informs the new terms.

In addition, the website says that the new rules will apply from June 1, 2021 to users outside the United States, including Brazilians. From that day forward, any payment that the user is entitled to receive from YouTube, in accordance with the contract with the platform (Partnership Program, Clubs or Super Chat), will be considered royalty. That is, if required by local law, Google “will withhold taxes on these payments”.

For the audience that only consumes the videos, the Google website says that the news “should not significantly affect how you access and use the services”.

In addition to the news regarding payments, the platform explains that the new Terms of Service make it clear that “it is not allowed to collect any information that can identify someone without their permission”. The rule is to prohibit facial recognition within the site.


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