YouTube will have new tax for content creators in Brazil


YouTube started sending an email to content creators on Tuesday (09) stating that a percentage of their income will be taxed. According to the content of the message, the measure begins to be applied from June this year.

The email states that “Google will need to deduct taxes from creators’ payments outside the U.S. in order to comply with the country’s laws.” The message adds that in the coming weeks, tax information should be requested on Adsense for youtubers.

If data is not sent, Google informs that it will need to deduct up to 24% of earnings worldwide.

Impact on the community

This afternoon, content creator Felipe Neto commented on the subject on Twitter. According to him, there is a “great chance” that the deduction represents a very low value. He said YouTube will start collecting taxes according to how many people in the U.S. watch Brazilians’ videos.

Neto exemplified by saying that only 1.5% of his February revenue was represented by people watching advertisements on his videos in the United States. “So 1.5% of my adsense will be taxed by YouTube … In something that varies between 0% to 30%.

Finally, he recalled that it is necessary to complete the form sent by the company with the help of lawyers, since failure to do so may result in deductions of 24% on income.

TecMundo contacted YouTube for clarification on the matter, but until the closing of this report we had no response.


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