YouTube will display information about covid-19 vaccines


The CNET portal released on Tuesday (17) an important tool introduced by YouTube in its information panels on the coronavirus pandemic, created at the beginning of the year: it is a link leading users to reliable information on the development of covid-19 vaccines.

The two links on the video sharing panel direct users to information from local health authorities, such as the Ministry of Health in Brazil, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, and also the World Health Organization (WHO) . In Brazil, the vaccines link is not yet available.

At a time when many people, including authorities, question scientific progress, the change introduced by YouTube appears as an important tool against disinformation. In relevant videos, the panel will ask viewers to “get informed about the progress of the vaccine” from reliable sources.

How to view the covid-19 and vaccine panels

To access the panels on covid-19 and vaccine progress, just search on YouTube for simple terms like “coronavirus” or “covid”. More general terms, like “vaccine” or prejudiced phrases like “Chinese virus”, will not trigger the panel in the search results.

With the launch of these fact verification panels, YouTube seeks to somehow redeem itself from a condescending stance adopted by the platform in episodes of proliferation of conspiracy theories, fake news and hate speech.

It is expected that, when anti-vaccine movements start posting against any covid-19 vaccine, information panels will be triggered immediately.

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