YouTube Will Broadcast Paulistão From 2022


YouTube and the São Paulo Football Federation (FPF) announced an agreement to broadcast the São Paulo Championship as of 2022. According to the information, it will be the only open digital platform to show the matches of the competition.

This is excellent news for football fans who will be able to see the Paulistão games live, in high quality and free of charge. As well, they will have the chance to follow the team on TV, computer or mobile devices.

Effective from 2022, the agreement between YouTube and the FPF includes 16 Paulista Championship games per season. Thus, the platform will display one game per round of the first phase, one match of the quarterfinals, one of the semifinals and the two finals.

In addition to the live streams, there will be extra content from every game in the competition – including highlights and interviews. In addition, YouTube will partner with creators providing materials to be used in videos.

“We hope to bring exciting championship games, as well as all kinds of broadcast-related content, capable of pleasing our global and diverse audience,” says Fábio Coelho, President of Google Brazil

“Having one of the largest companies in the world investing in the rights of football in São Paulo underscores the strength of our championship. Now, we are combining the record audiences of Paulistão with YouTube”, says Reinaldo Carneiro Bastos, president of the FPF.

Broadcast of other competitions in São Paulo

In addition to Paulistão, the partnership between YouTube and the FPF also includes other competitions organized by the federation. Among them, Paulistão Feminine, Paulistão A2, Paulista U-20 and the São Paulo Junior Soccer Cup – Copinha.

It is worth noting that Google’s platform has important agreements with other sports leagues and federations. For example, Major League Baseball (MLB) in the US and Formula 1 in Europe.