YouTube will benefit from artificial intelligence at its age limit


YouTube has long used machine learning to get inappropriate content audited by the Trust & Safety team. The company is preparing to expand the use of this technology a little more. This year, it will also use machine learning to automatically age-limit YouTube videos that are not suitable for minors.

YouTube will also make it harder for kids to circumvent these restrictions as part of the same initiative. If your child tries to watch a restricted video through their embed on another site, Google will redirect them to YouTube. Here, too, users will need to log in to the system to prove that they are over 18.

In the statement made by YouTube on the subject, it was emphasized that thanks to this approach, the place where the video was discovered will not be important and the content can only be watched by the appropriate audience.

Google stated that people whose videos are restricted by algorithms may object to the situation. The company also highlighted that the extra automation will not have a negative impact on the income of content owners.

The new announcement for age restrictions on YouTube videos can be described as the latest link in Google’s effort to turn YouTube into a more “responsible” platform in the eyes of parents. The company paid $ 170 million to settle in 2019 against the alleged unauthorized collection of children’s data. Since then, innovations such as the web version of YouTube Kids have been tried to give parents the message that the platform is “responsible and safe”.

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