Youtube Will Be Removed From Roku Platform In December


Youtube: A few months ago, the company behind Roku revealed that it was battling Google to keep the YouTube app on the platform. Unfortunately, it looks like the company lost the fight and soon the streaming service will no longer be available.

Since the disagreement between the companies began, Roku has said it will not accept a partnership that favors Google too much — apparently, the giant only wants to allow the use of YouTube if it gains concessions and access to exclusive data.

This Thursday morning (21st), Roku revealed that the partnership will not really happen. And it looks like Google isn’t happy with the situation either.

No YouTube for now

“Roku has once again opted to make unproductive and unfounded claims rather than trying to work constructively with us,” Google said in a statement. “As we are unable to continue our conversations in good faith, service on all new Roku devices will unfortunately end on December 9th.”

The giant also revealed that it will be possible to install the app until the day of the aforementioned removal — so current users of the service can continue to use the streaming service without worry.

Unfortunately, this can negatively impact Roku, as YouTube is the second most used streaming app on TVs in the United States. Around here, you can find Roku devices starting at R$ 349.


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