YouTube will add ads to non-monetized videos


YouTube announced on Thursday (19) that it will test advertisements for non-monetized videos next year. The change is expected to affect even content creators outside the Partner Program and is part of the company’s recent measures focused on expanding ads on its products.

The unwanted novelty frustrates a portion of its creators who want to keep their videos free from external advertisements. In most cases, this decision was intended to provide an experience free of inconvenience, however small, for the viewer.

Now, with the change in the platform’s Terms of Use, content creators are under more pressure to monetize their videos and the end user to subscribe to YouTube’s Premium subscription. However, the rules for monetizing content remain the same, with some changes in tax collection in the United States, which should be made clearer and more accessible to producers.

Finally, advertisements on non-monetized content should only take place on “brand-free” videos, in order to avoid legal inconvenience for YouTube, as is currently the case. Changes to the Terms of Use will arrive internationally in the middle of 2021, according to the company.

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