YouTube wants to destroy TikTok with ‘Shorts’


TikTok not only faces the US government, but also its ever-increasing competition, such as YouTube Shorts

Just like Instagram launched Reels, YouTube is launching a new short form video creator called YouTube Shorts, which it hopes to gain TikTok users.

YouTube’s short form video creation tool reportedly appeared several months ago, but now the company is launching a beta version in India.

As with TikTok, Shorts will allow users to make 15-second videos that can be accompanied by music, which is available through a selection function in the product, which currently has 100,000 tracks and is looking for in the future. expand the catalog.

YouTube Shorts, another TikTok clone

These videos will appear on the home page in a row dedicated to Shorts, as reported by YouTube on its blog today, in addition, they will seek that as many people as possible use the new function thanks to new creation icons that will appear prominently in the app.

The ‘create’ icon is already present in the beta version of Shorts on Android, and plans are for it to soon reach iOS devices, although there is no possible date for when the shorts may appear in other countries so far.

The Instagram team seemed to have similar goals in mind with their TikTok clone, Reels, but the immediate response has not been very positive from users, to the extent that many of the videos that appear on Reels particularly from influencers and brands They are imported from other TikTok videos.

But possibly this is because Instagram is not a video entertainment platform in the first place, something YouTube has been dedicated to, so the company hopes that shorts will be another way to keep people on the site. longer and get new and existing creators to continue uploading videos.

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