YouTube Video Quality Settings Renewed


YouTube mobile application has been updated. The menu with quality settings on both Android and iOS has been completely renewed. Previously, the resolution of YouTube videos was manually adjusted with options such as 144p, 1080p. YouTube simplified these settings, adding new options to the quality menu, while leaving the old layout behind.

YouTube video quality settings made simple

The quality of the videos on YouTube can be adjusted according to preference from 144p to 1080p. This system, which frees the viewer, turns the pleasure of video into an ordeal when the internet connection is not healthy. For example, suppose you watch videos in 1080p when your connection is high, and you prefer to downgrade to 480p when your connection is slow. Previously, you had to do this manually each time.

The new update released has significantly simplified this process. YouTube has added two options to the settings menu, “Higher image quality” and “Data saving”. Now you will choose one of them according to the status of your internet connection. It will detect the speed of your YouTube connection and reduce the quality without much disruption.

Higher image quality: With this option enabled, YouTube will keep the quality at the highest level as long as your internet allows. There is no information about what the minimum limit is. However, with this setting selected, the video will not fall below 720p, regardless of the quality, according to Android Police. So there will be tides between 720p and the maximum quality your internet allows.

The data saver setting, on the other hand, appeals especially to those whose internet is limited and low. When you choose this, the quality of the video will be either 480p or 720p at most. Of course, it will gradually drop to 144p in places where your internet is not sufficient.

YouTube has not forgotten those who are happy with the old system. Considering those who want to adjust the quality of the video personally and not leave the application to the application, it added the “Advanced” option. This section allows you to fix the quality of the video to a specific setting. Regardless of the speed of your internet, the video remains in the quality you choose.

How is it different from auto setting?

Until now, YouTube allowed the user to make the quality settings it added, thanks to the “Automatic” option. However, due to the working logic of this function, it could reduce the quality of the video excessively in an indecent amount of time. For example, even if your internet was slow, YouTube could fix it to 144p, while it was at least capable of turning on 480p. That’s exactly the problem the new update solves.

YouTube isn’t the only platform that chooses to offer quality settings like this. This is how the system works in video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


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