YouTube: Video Chapters Are Released On TVs And Consoles


YouTube confirmed earlier this week that a new feature has been made available for Smart TVs and consoles. From now on, anyone using the video site app on “recent models” on these devices can browse from video chapters — those divisions that segment clips and help you watch specific clips or know exactly than longer content speaks throughout its duration.

In the ad, YouTube doesn’t detail which models or manufacturers are now showing the division by chapters — that is, you’ll have to update the app yourself and check whether or not your device has benefited from the feature.

Remember that availability may also depend on the region, and it may take a few days for all countries to receive the addition.

The division by chapters was created in May 2020 and can be easily configured by anyone uploading a video on the platform. In some cases, chapters may even appear on the results page when you perform a search.