A YouTube user has improved the visual effects of The Irish through deepfake technique. Improved? Really? After the millions of dollars Netflix spent to rebuild the faces of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci by computer? It seems.

We already know that Martin Scorsese does not like modernity much, and less after reading his controversial statements about Marvel (he said, remember, it was not “cinema”) and his daughter’s trolley buying superhero paper to wrap his Christmas presents. However, what the user has done iFake has obtained results that have already become viral.

Will the filmmaker ever see it? What opinion will they deserve? That one looks like De Niro when he was young! In addition, this change has not required so many media or deployments of complex digital techniques. Is an improvement of the Irish possible? After the change we have seen in Cats everything is possible.

Despite the positive reviews the film has received, the story of Jimmy Hoffa and company neglected some of the most purist moviegoers, especially those who have met the De Niro de Taxi Driver and Novecento and who saw in the reconstruction of El Irish to a monstrous character that looked little like the original.

Thanks to the deepfake technique, which consists of taking a video in which a subject appears, planting an image of another person on the face and digitizing it so that it looks real (Star Wars did this with Carrie Fisher), this YouTube user It has gone viral, and there are many who already consider its version better than Martin Scorsese’s own. It is true that you need some tweaking, but it looks very realistic.

“It has taken me seven days to prepare the video material, and the results would be better with a little more experience using the DeepFaceLab,” he explains in user on his YouTube channel. What do you think?


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