YouTube Updates Search Engine With Highlights For Content


Pablo Paniagua, director of Product Management at YouTube, announced, on the platform’s official blog, changes to the site’s search engine that promise to improve the relevance of content suggested to users.

The reformulation of the look of search results is the first of them. From now on, instead of a thumbnail for each nomination, there will be a larger window, which displays the material preview; below it, chapters related to the video, when available. Thus, in addition to stating whether there is the topic for which one hopes, the novelty allows the public to go “straight to the point”.

“Let’s say you’re looking for a good bread recipe and want to learn how to knead the dough using a better technique. With these new search results, you’ll be able to see every step of the video (from lighting the oven to taking out the bread) and skipping straight to the chapter with the part about kneading dough”, exemplifies Paniagua.

More results in more languages

If there is nothing interesting about a particular subject published in your language, the executive says that this will no longer be a limitation. That’s because the second change announced will cause YouTube to start showing search results that have automatically translated captions, titles and descriptions — initially to English, but later to other languages.

Finally, the director explains that a new feature to supplement search results with links to websites and other Google formats, available on mobile devices in India and Indonesia, could reach more countries, depending on public feedback.

“We want to help you search for the right content on YouTube, whether it means discovering videos to deepen your knowledge of a complex topic or other topics that inspire you to start a new hobby. intuitive and useful in the future”, he promises.


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