YouTube Tightens Rules Against Negative COVID-19 Videos


YouTube: Social networks continue to fight against the misinformation of some users. There are many hot topics that need an official clarification, but many are dedicated to throwing lies about what happened. To give a clear example, there are many who have expressed and spoken about the process of the vaccine against COVID-19 and that its effects were more negative than positive. For this reason, YouTube will toughen the rules against these types of videos.

Immediate removal against videos

Information is power, and having accurate information is always necessary. However, there are people who insist on giving data that is not correct or real, even based on unsubstantiated opinions. For this reason, social networks prevent these types of publications from being shared, which all they do is cause confusion to users.

This is very clear to them on YouTube, which since almost the beginning of the pandemic has prioritized information from official channels in order to provide all the data considered to be true since they come from verified sources. It is a question of reliability and now the social network has further toughened its rules of use.

According to SlashGear, the Mountain Viewers will now remove all content that gives false testimonies about COVID-19 vaccines. Among them are those that say that inoculating the drug can cause autism, cancer or infertility. And that’s not all, since it will also remove from circulation all those videos that deal with conspiracy theories about how much this practice benefits pharmaceutical companies and governments.


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