YouTube tests new features with Premium subscribers


YouTube has been intensely encouraging its users to become Premium subscribers lately. Increasing the dose a little more in this incentive, Google takes another step. Now YouTube’s new features are tested only with Premium subscribers. Until September, users to participate in new feature tests were randomly selected.

YouTube’s features such as picture-in-picture were tested with randomly selected users or test users of the beta app. Although the service seems likely to continue new feature tests at the same frequency as before, it appears that it will first offer interesting innovations developed within the framework of the Labs program to Premium subscribers.

There are three features on YouTube currently only available to Premium subscribers. One of them is only available on iOS. Users can search and watch videos directly from the home screen. Another feature tested on the web is the ability to search for videos by voice. The last feature makes it possible to filter by subject in French, Spanish and Portuguese. All of these features are available for a limited time.

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