YouTube Tests New Design For Video Description


YouTube is making an experimental change to the look of the page displayed when you click on a video. For now, the test is only valid for the version of the platform open in a browser on the computer.

Found on the 9to5Mac website, the new look has a series of point changes right below the video player. For starters, the number of views and the post date are in bold and, right next to it, the description text already appears.

The “Show More” button remains, but the previous content has been made smaller — meaning that some content creators may have to rethink the text format in new posts. In addition, just below, there are three “boxes” with highlighted content: the channel subscribe button, the amount of comments and the highlighted interaction.

After these elements, comments are displayed in the same way as before.

According to 9to5Mac, the redesign changes other information on the YouTube webpage. The test only appears for selected users and there is no guarantee or prediction that the new will be implemented for everyone, and the new look may also undergo modifications based on feedback from the community.


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