YouTube tests autoplay button within web video interface


YouTube is still the largest video sharing platform in the world, and it doesn’t really settle for that, as it knows that it is necessary to continue offering relevant news and resources to keep content creators and engaged users.

At the end of the year, the service is implementing tests for some users, an interesting change in the positioning of the continuous reproduction function. Sometimes we search for a song on the platform, and then we like the YouTube algorithm to lead us to other suggestions, creating a dynamic playlist.

On computers, you can disable or enable this feature in a menu bar just to the right of the video being played. But that may soon change.

The video giant has released for some users the option of setting up automatic playback within the player itself, as a new button next to the playback bar. Some may not like it given the large number of functions that already need to be activated there. Others should find the shortcut more practical.

As always, the novelty is being released as tests for only a few users, there are no possible shortcuts to join this select list.

In any case, if YouTube decides to adopt this new shortcut definitively, it should be available to everyone soon. Google services have a history of a rapid large-scale release of news.

Remember, in the Christmas spirit, YouTube TV distributed a Google TV device in the USA to its subscribers. The platform offers paid channels via IPTV, at increasingly expensive monthly fees.

And you, did you like the positioning of the autoplay button released in these tests? Tell us in the comments!


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