YouTube Tests Automatic Translation of Videos in Portuguese


YouTube: Two of the most used apps in the world are joining forces and providing a revolutionary feature: YouTube is testing an option to search for videos in all languages, using Google Translate, both on desktops and in its mobile version. The change allows you to search for the video in your own language and receive results about the search term in other languages.

The new “magic”, discovered by informants from the Android Police website, was reported last night (4), and is a change made on the server side, that is, it is not an update of the application. To the delight of Brazilians, the first translations observed were translations from English into Portuguese.

Anyone who saw the feature working says that it automatically translates the title and description of the video on the search page, as well as closed captions can also be translated when watching. This means that you will be able to read video suggestions from around the world in your native language.

It is great news for those who enjoy international content, but like to have the peace of mind of reading everything in their own language.

Deploying an automatic translation tool for titles and descriptions on the most popular website on the planet represents a step forward and provides a service to global culture. For Brazilians and Turks, it also means recognizing the relevance of audiences in both countries to Google.


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