YouTube supports the picture-in-picture mode of iOS 14


Apple introduced the picture-in-picture mode to iPhones with iOS 14. The company first introduced the feature on the iPad. Thus, it became possible for those who watched videos on Safari to continue watching videos on the small screen while browsing the internet. However, two weeks ago, Google blocked the YouTube website from offering picture-in-picture mode support on iOS 14.

Many iPhone owners were disappointed that Google took such an action without a statement. Google, which suddenly removed this feature, re-launched it without any explanation.

It was thought that Google blocked the picture-in-picture mode to prevent non-YouTube Premium subscribers from listening to video in the background. However, removing this obstacle shows that there is another reason under Google’s decision.

It is unknown how long Google will keep this feature active for iOS 14 users who are not subscribers of YouTube Premium. However, the fact that one of the most important selling points of YouTube Premium is support for playing in the background makes Google think that this will not allow for a very long time.


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