YouTube: Subscribers Premium Test Picture-In-Picture in iPhones


YouTube: In June, YouTube announced support for the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature for iOS devices. The new feature is now available for a limited time only to YouTube Premium subscribers.

In particular, PiP makes it possible to watch videos from the platform on a mini-player while the person uses other apps. The current experiment is part of the test conducted by Google and ends on October 31st.

How to enable Picture-In-Picture on iOS

To enable PiP on iOS devices, YouTube Premium subscribers must follow these steps:

Go to while logged into your Google account. Remembering that the feature is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers.
Look for the “Picture-In-Picture on iOS” option.
Click on “Try it”.
Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad and start a video.
Close the app (drag up or click the home button) and the video will continue to play in a mini-player.

According to 9to5Google, users will be able to use the feature on iPhone and iPad. However, it may be necessary to delete and reinstall the software for the tool to work.

Other advantages of PiP

YouTube’s PiP mini-player features standard platform application controls. There are also shortcuts to return and close the app, while the pinch movement with your fingers helps to make the screen larger or smaller.

If the device display is blocked, the content displayed in PiP will be paused. Then user can resume viewing using lock screen media control.

After the trial period, YouTube must make final adjustments to the tool before releasing it to all iPhone and iPad users. This also includes people who do not subscribe to YouTube Premium.


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