YouTube Starts Testing ‘Products In This Video’ Feature


YouTube, the most popular video sharing platform, has announced that testing of the ‘Products in This Video’ feature has been launched with a blog post published today. It was not announced on which platform the tests took place.

Bought by Google in November 2006, YouTube is now the world’s largest video sharing platform. Of course, such a large platform has to be developed continuously to appeal to all kinds of users.

These improvements can be tried unnoticed on some users before reaching each user. On this site, where you can follow the changes, a test has been shared that many users’ wishes come true today. YouTube is now running tests to show the products included in the videos to users.

The products in the watched video will be shown:
A new feature was included in today’s update on the platform, which features features that are planned to come to YouTube and are in the testing phase. The feature, which has the name “Products in this Video”, will show the products in the video as can be understood from its name.

This feature, which is currently tested according to the statement on YouTube’s page, allows the viewers to see the products mentioned in the video. The said products are displayed to users either directly above or below the video while playing the video.

It is also useful to explain this feature with the example shared by YouTube. For example, if you are watching a video called “Best Smartphones of the Year 2020”, you will see an icon in the video. Also, more information will be displayed under this icon. Of course, in the video we assume that you are watching right now, all the smartphones mentioned in the video will be listed.

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According to the post shared by YouTube, although the tests of this feature have started, it is not yet known on which platforms the tests have been made available. If you are watching videos on YouTube on any platform and encountered such a feature, you are one of the people who tested this feature.


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