YouTube Shorts Will Distribute $ 100 Million To Creators


YouTube announced on Tuesday (11) the creation of a fund that will allocate a total of $ 100 million to content creators of Shorts, the video format of the platform that rivals directly with TikTok.

The company’s goal is to attract more people to the service and keep popular content creators there from a fixed form of monetization. Every month, “hundreds of creators” who had the most popular videos of the period will be contacted to receive the bonus.

Other payment formats should be revealed over time, as the idea is to take stars from TikTok and take them to the Google video platform. “Shorts Fund is the first step on our journey to build a monetization model for Shorts on YouTube. This is one of our top priorities and it will take some time to get it right,” says the statement.

The fund will be officially launched soon and will have more details, such as information about what would be “more engagement”, revealed in the coming months. Anyone can join the program, without necessarily being part of the YouTube Partner Program – while, at least for now, Shorts are only allowed for India and the United States.


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