YouTube search now also shows Google results


Alphabet started testing a new integration between the Google search engine and YouTube. According to XDA Developers, the Android video platform app has started showing results of web searches to some users on Android.

According to images shared on Reddit, when the user searches within YouTube for Android, the results also include searches on Google. The novelty appears between the videos, with a button that takes you to the full page of the search engine.

Integration is currently available to a limited extent and is possibly just a test, which may lead to a more comprehensive implementation in the future. So far, Google has not officially commented on the matter.

Youtube Popularity
Although information about integrating Google’s search engine into YouTube is sparse, the solution may be a way for Alphabet to bring its search tool resources to countries where the video platform is widely popular.

India, for example, is one of the largest consumer markets for smartphones in the world, which also leads in use on YouTube. According to a survey released by App Annie last year, the platform is so popular in the country that new users search the video app directly instead of Google.

While YouTube can bring satisfactory results, Google’s search solution has more information sources and filtering tools, which guarantees higher quality searches. With that in mind, integration between services can be a way for Alphabet to improve the experience of using the video app and avoid misinformation.


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