YouTube Removes ‘Community Contributions’ Feature


A feature known as “community contributions” on YouTube is being removed. Community contributions that allow viewers to add captions and text to videos will be unavailable starting September 28, 2020.

Have you ever commented on a video you watched on YouTube as captions or text? We know that your answers are largely “no”. Because, YouTube stated that only 0.001% of the channels used this method last month.

Moreover, community contributions, i.e. captions and subtitles added by viewers, were preferred over only 0.2% of the videos over the past month. In short, YouTube has realized that it has allocated resources for this feature and will no longer allow viewers to add captions and captions.

Adding captions and captions to YouTube as of September 28, 2020; It will not be possible to select these added texts while watching videos:

There are now only 2 options for adding subtitles on YouTube, which says that content producers prefer the subtitles that YouTube automatically adds over community contributions:

Subtitles uploaded by content producers
Automatic captions provided by YouTube
Subtitles provided by the community, also known as community contributions (will be removed on September 28).

In addition, content producers will be able to add subtitles to their videos with third party tools, except for the above two methods. Removing this feature will not change enormous dynamics for both users and content creators. Because automatic captions have been working very well in recent years because they use Google Translation infrastructure.

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