YouTube to Remove Videos Claiming Coronavirus Spread with 5G


YouTube has decided to remove videos that advocate conspiracy theories that the coronavirus has spread with 5G. In a statement from YouTube, it was announced that the content created in this way violates YouTube’s policies.

A recent conspiracy theory claimed that the coronavirus spread with 5G. Due to this conspiracy theory, even attacks on some base stations and telecom infrastructure in the UK took place.

Upon the spread of this groundless theory about 5G and the attacks being experienced, he took a step on YouTube and announced that the content that claimed that the coronavirus was spreading with 5G would be removed. In the statement made by YouTube on the subject, it was announced that the content of the conspiracy theories about 5G did not comply with the rules of YouTube. With its recent policy change, YouTube also banned content that advocated medically unfounded methods of coronavirus outbreak.

While YouTube decided to remove 5G-related conspiracy theory videos, it did not remove all of the content that advocated false claims about coronavirus. YouTube, which only removed some content, was enough to prevent the rest from appearing in search results and to stop ad revenue.

The decision of the video sharing platform to remove content that the coronavirus has spread with 5G came right after British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden announced that he would meet with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to remove content about conspiracy theories.

Experts explained that, as you can imagine, the conspiracy theories that claim that the coronavirus has spread by 5G are not correct. This precaution taken by YouTube against such an approach to finding any evidence about this will also prevent the spread of this theory. However, based on the theory that the coronavirus has spread with 5G in the long term, administrations may need to take other measures to prevent attacks.

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