YouTube Releases Community Posts to Channels With 500 Subscribers


One of the most useful features offered by YouTube to its millions of creators, the “Community” tab helps to build more intimate connections between the channel and its followers, allowing the upload of photos, video sharing, polls, among other possibilities. As of October 12th, the functionality, until now restricted to channels with more than 1,000 subscribers, will be extended to channels that have more than 500 subscribers.

Unveiled on Thursday (9) on the YouTube Help page on Google Support, the news is also promised for channels with less than 500 subscribers “in the future”. Posts on the Community tab were created to replace the “Discussion” tab, an old feature for posting text updates to followers.

Eliminating Discussion

According to YouTube, the expansion of Community posts “to millions of channels” was only possible after working together last year with creators to generate new features, such as YouTube Analytics post metrics, multi-image posts on YouTube Android (to be released for iOS and Desktop soon) and content programming.

Now that more creators will be eligible to access the Community tab, also available on mobile phones, YouTube will permanently remove the Discussion tab for all channels, also on October 12, 2021. To date, it will still be possible to access the tab of channel on the desktop. That way, channels with less than 500 subscribers will have to use their video comments as a way to interact with viewers.

Finally, the YouTube team warns that, even after the channel has exceeded 500 subscribers, it may take up to a week for the option to create posts in the Community to be released.


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