YouTube Releases Automatic Live Subtitles For All Creators


YouTube announced that automatic subtitles on live streams will be available to all creators. Previously, only channels with more than a thousand subscribers offered this accessibility option to viewers.

The novelty should help make the platform more inclusive for deaf and hearing impaired people. Thus, the update will support more than 12 languages, including Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and Japanese.

According to YouTube, the platform is working on a feature to perform automatic subtitle translation during lives. This feature and transcripts in live streams will be available in the mobile app.

Extending accessibility, creators will also be able to add multiple audio tracks to a published video. This will allow you to support multiple languages ​​and add audio description for the visually impaired.

The prediction is that subtitles and machine translations in lives will be made available to all users in the coming months. Meanwhile, the option of extra audio tracks is expected to hit the video platform in the “coming quarters”.


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