YouTube Reduces Default Video Quality to 480p


Listening to the European Union’s call to use the internet, YouTube has officially reduced the default video quality. The application, which has come into our lives as of today, brings the default quality of all videos on the platform to 480p.

The coronavirus outbreak forced people to stay in their homes, the use of the internet significantly increased. The increase in the use of the Internet has not been overlooked by the authorities, and the European Union has announced that a global internet outage may occur during the epidemic, therefore necessary measures should be taken. A positive response came from this call of the authorities from the world’s largest internet platforms.

European Union’s call for internet use; It was justified by giants of the internet industry such as Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Amazon and Netflix. In this context, video content platforms, especially Netflix, announced that they imposed various restrictions. For example, Netflix has compromised the quality of its content. As of today, YouTube has officially made the move to reduce the default video quality worldwide.

As of today, YouTube has limited the default quality of the videos to 480p as part of the internet-intensive measures. Moreover, YouTube applies this globally and is breaking new ground in this context. For example Netflix; it limited video quality only in certain regions. However, reducing YouTube’s default video quality to 480p is implemented in all countries.

YouTube’s decision does not impose any imposition on users. While watching videos, you can change the quality settings and switch to high quality again. However, the fact that many users do not care much about the highest possible quality reveals that YouTube’s decision is in place. YouTube’s decision to limit default video quality is expected to take 30 days.

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