YouTube Prohibits Alcohol, Gambling, and Politics On The Site’s Main Banner


YouTube confirmed on Monday (14) the ban on ads on certain topics considered more sensitive in the banner that is in the most visible position of the homepage of the video site.

According to the company, advertising involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages, medications available only through prescriptions, bets and policy can no longer be shown on the site.

Called “masthead ads”, these ads are considered highly visible by the company and one of the first contacts that users who type the platform address have in their browser. They do not appear for subscribers of the Premium mode of the platform, nor for those who use software or extensions that block advertising.

The prohibition rules involving these themes are not valid for the insertion of advertising in other spaces on the website or in positions before and during video playback.

In a statement sent to The Verge website, Google says the measure “leads to a better experience for users.”


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