YouTube Premium Wins Annual Subscription In Brazil


YouTube Premium, Google’s video platform subscription plan, now has an annual payment option in Brazil. The novelty guarantees a promotional value when using and also includes the paid version of YouTube Music.

From now on, you can choose to be part of the service by making a single payment that is valid for 12 months at a time — and which guarantees a discount, if selected. Renewal is not automatic, which means you must repay at the end of the period.

With annual payment, the service costs $ 34. To give you an idea, the conventional monthly fee is $3, which results in $45 in a 12-month period. YouTube also has Family and Student discount options.

According to the company, the promotional offer ends on January 23, 2022, but there are no details on what the new price of the modality will be after that date. Those who are not yet a subscriber can register through this link. Those who are members of the plan must first cancel the current subscription and only then choose the annual payment.

With YouTube Premium, in addition to watching ad-free videos and using YouTube Music streaming, you can download content to watch offline and even just listen to content on your phone, with the screen off.