Youtube Performs Video Download Tests From The Browser


YouTube has shared the ability to download videos from the browser so that only Premium account users can test it for a short time.


YouTube is testing ways to download videos from your computer’s web browser. The system is currently only available to Premium account users and is planned to last until October 19.

YouTube Premium on Android and iOS lets you download videos for offline viewing. The ability to download YouTube videos is now coming to the desktop web as part of a trial that paying subscribers can activate today. If you want to find out if you are eligible for this test program, you can first check if you have a Premium account. Then you can check out YouTube’s experimental features page.

How to activate YouTube video download feature?

If you are registered by the system or if you are using supported browsers such as Opera, Edge, Chrome and Google, you can see the download option just below while watching a video. 9to5Google shared the following screenshot on the subject:

When you click the download button, YouTube will automatically download the video. It will save it in the Downloads or Downloads folder on the left. In this way, you will be able to see the videos whenever you want, just like on Spotify and YouTube Music platforms.

What happens to these videos when our YouTube Premium membership expires?
There is no information on the exact release date and details of the video download feature, as YouTube gives a trial period until October 19 even for Premium members.

We estimate that many uploaded videos, including our lists, will be deleted if this test feature is not successful, just as our account returns to the free version when our subscriptions on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music expire.

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