YouTube Pays Artists $4 Billion, Beats Record Subscribers


YouTube: This Wednesday (02), YouTube released new data on the financial performance of the platform, especially in relation to the music sector and the paid subscription model, including the amount that is passed on to artists.

According to the company, YouTube has monetized artists at $4 billion over the past 12 months, paying musicians who have had songs performed or officially published in videos. Of this total, 30% of the clips came from user-generated content — that is, videos with background music or performed in identified excerpts.

In addition, the company confirmed that YouTube Premium, which entitles the YouTube Music streaming service, gained more paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2021 than in any previous quarter.

attracting more money

Google’s streaming has also confirmed that it is looking for new ways to monetize artists and content creators, with more testing and bonus expansion in more regions.

Ways of selling tickets, small payments and subscriptions have already been implemented or are being planned, with success stories already registered: the paid concert by k-pop group BLACKPINK generated more than 280 thousand subscriptions to the channel, which was the equivalent of a ticket input.

Other features were not well accepted by the community, such as the announcement that advertising will be displayed even in videos that do not bring the user back.