YouTube Now Lets You Watch Entire Videos On Your Home Screen


YouTube users started noticing a new feature on the app’s home page. Starting this Tuesday (22), viewers will have the option to watch full videos instead of the old previews. Currently, however, the feature is being tested on a limited number of consumers, and Google has not said whether the tool will be exclusive to mobile apps.

The video in the tweet, made with a Pixel 4A, highlights the presence of a progress bar, as well as a button to enable subtitles and the possibility to mute the sound. The volume control and translations will be persistent, so you won’t have to mute the audio and lyrics all the time.

Passive content consumption

The update will improve user searches, as well as make it possible to consume content passively — and perhaps help you see the result of that cake recipe you’re too lazy to open.

If you open your app now, you’ll notice that video previews are time-limited and don’t provide audio. It seems that YouTube isn’t afraid to try new things, especially after the arrival of Picture-in-Picture (PiP) for iPhones and iPads.


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