YouTube Music Starts Testing ‘Recent Activity’ Episode


YouTube’s popular music service, YouTube Music, started testing the ‘Recent Activity’ section, which shows users the latest actions. Thanks to this section, users can directly view the latest albums and playlists they have added to their libraries.

Based on Google’s systems use music subscription service, YouTube Music, every day continues to attain new features. The music application of the company adds a few features found in other popular applications of today and sought in YouTube Music.

The latest innovation seen in YouTube Music, unlike other platforms, is a feature we know more from Google Play Music. Google is testing the ‘Recent Activity’ section on YouTube Music with a limited number of users. Thanks to this feature, users can see the latest movements in the application.

You can easily access your last saved playlists and albums:

The ‘Recent Activity’ section, tried in the application, is at the top of the users’ ‘Library’ tabs. Users can view their most recent albums and playlists in their libraries. In this way, you do not have to navigate a few more menus to reach your saved playlist or album.

The ‘Last Activity’ feature currently tested on YouTube Music is not yet available to all users. However, the feature is not available in every country worldwide. YouTube has only released the feature for users in Brazil at this time.

YouTube Music, which is getting more and more popular and gaining appreciation of users, is spending its last time very active. To make music app preferable over other apps, Google adds everything missing in the app to the app one by one.

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