YouTube Music gets new feature


The YouTube Music service, which YouTube Premium users can use together, has gained its new feature. YouTube, which wants to increase its competitiveness with its competitors Apple Music and Spotify, has released its new feature with a new update today. Discover YouTube Music feature is available.

Updated with Discover YouTube Music feature
A new update has been released for YouTube Music, YouTube’s online music platform. The application will have Explore feature with this update. With the new feature, users will have easier access to new songs and playlists.

This innovation will be reflected to YouTube Music users as Discover, instead of the Hotlist tab in their applications. As of today, the new feature offered for iOS and Android versions may be delayed in terms of regional availability.

In addition to this feature, the mood we know from Spotify and the playlists feature offered for different moments will now be available for YouTube Music.

While the Explore feature is currently only available for mobile apps, the platform plans to update the web version soon. However, it is not yet clear when the web version will change and get new features.


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