YouTube Music gets a new look! Here is the appearance


YouTube Music, which catches its competitors in a short time with the power gained by YouTube, continues to gain innovation and increase the user experience with each passing day. With the new update of the music application, albums and singles in the artist profiles will have a table view.

If a singer or group has enough albums and singles, YouTube Music will now see a “See all” button instead of allowing users to navigate through the carousels on the artist page.

After testing last month, YouTube Music now switches to grid view reminiscent of Play Music. It should be noted that the new appearance, which provides the advantage of showing much larger album art, may cause an intense flow of information on mobile devices.

While the name and album / EP tag are listed below, most users will only be able to browse six works at a time before scrolling. On mobile devices, this is thought to be giving users the option to switch between list and grid views.

Also, your new look is very useful in showing many more albums per page with the extra width of the computer screen. And it is said to work better.

As of today, the YouTube Dashboard view for albums and singles is expected to be available on Android, iOS and the web after the server-side update.

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