YouTube Music Has Displayed Lyrics Feature

YouTube Music is beginning to become an interesting platform with new updates. With the last update released, the lyrics of the songs can be seen on the play screen of YouTube Music.

YouTube Music is seen as a late work by YouTube to join music streaming platforms. YouTube wants to offer new features and gain subscribers by working harder than its competitors in this late field.

As a result of work on YouTube Music, a new update for Android has been released today. In the published update, changes are seen in the Now Playing screen of YouTube Music. The first highlights of the changes made on the Now Playing screen are the highlight of the shuffle and replay buttons compared to the previous design.

However, the most important feature that comes to YouTube Music with the new update is undoubtedly the Lyrics Display feature. With this feature, you will be able to view the lyrics of the song you are listening with a single touch.

The update is currently available to Android users only, but is expected to be released to iOS users within a few days. If you still haven’t tried YouTube Music, you can download the application from the links below.



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