YouTube Music Apple Watch app released


Good news came from Google for the rare YouTube Music subscribers who own both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. YouTube Music’s Apple Watch application finally started to meet with users.

It has to be said that the features YouTube Music offers on Apple Watch are not very impressive. Users will benefit from browsing music collections and controlling music.

Users will be able to add a complication to their watch interfaces that will provide quick access to playback controls if they wish. However, it should be noted that not all interfaces support this. Shortcuts are also available in the app that will allow users to send or like the song from their phone to the speaker. The application also makes new suggestions to users in line with their listening habits. Offline play support is not offered in the application.

In short, YouTube Music’s Apple Watch application functions as a kind of remote control that can control the music on the iPhone. With this aspect of the application, it can be said that Spotify stands at the same point with the Apple Watch application.

In order to use the YouTube Music Apple Watch application, you must have a Series 3 or higher model. It is also a must to have at least watchOS 6 installed on the smart watch. An active YouTube Premium or YouTube Premium Music subscription is also on the required list.


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