YouTube Moves ‘Comments’ on Android App


YouTube has started testing a new interface in its Android app. In the tested interface, the Comments section appears to be under the video descriptions watched.

Google continues to try new features for YouTube’s Android app. In the past months, users have been provided with features to control YouTube usage on smart televisions through YouTube’s mobile app. Along with this feature, a feature where the Comments section will be hidden and Suggested Videos will be seen has been tested. Now, a new interface is being tested, where users can easily access the Comments section under the videos.

Currently, in the Android application of YouTube, the Comments section is located under the Suggested Videos section. Users who want to see comments about the video they watch can see the comments after swiping all of the Suggested Videos.

YouTube developers have begun testing a new interface to solve this problem. In the tested interface, Comments are located directly under the description section of the video watched. In this way, users who want to see the comments about the video they watch can easily access the Comments section.

The interface where the comments section is placed just below the watched video is currently in the testing phase. Therefore, only some users can use the new interface. There are no features tested in the 15.14.33 version that is currently live.

Some users on Twitter say that they can use YouTube’s new update. However, the update is not yet available to all users. YouTube will release an update to all users after resolving any potential issues with the interface change.


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