YouTube Mobile Gets Bigger Counters For Likes and Views


YouTube mobile version for Android and iOS is implementing a new user interface. Among the new features, the video description area gained larger counters for the number of likes and views.

In addition, the menu now displays more accurate information about the video upload date. Previously, some of this data only appeared complete in the browser version.

The changes can be seen by expanding the YouTube mobile version description panel. It reveals a larger space where the new likes and views counters with the video submission date are located.

However, the new area hides the content dislike count. Possibly, the platform should not consider this number as relevant to the public.

The new feature does not replace the old counters that remain visible in the main preview pane. The same happens with the buttons for Like and Dislike, the comment space and other resources like Share, Download and Save.

Update available in Brazil

According to 9To5 Google, the new interface was being released gradually to users. This week, it became available to most people, regardless of operating system.

If the new layout is not available for you, the suggestion is to go to the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. Then search for the YouTube app and download the latest version of the software.


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