YouTube launches Shorts campaign with The Weeknd and BTS


YouTube: This Tuesday (10), YouTube released a video on its official channel revealing a new promotional campaign for creating Shorts. Seeking to intensify the competition of short videos with TikTok, the Google platform offers the option of using famous songs from artists such as The Weeknd, Camilla Cabello and the group BTS, in the soundtrack of the productions.

According to the portal 9to5Google, the ad will be displayed on YouTube for mobile phones, browsers and even on TVs. In addition, the video will accompany short trailers of songs from other artists, such as Doja Cat. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter users should also witness these advertisements on social media.

“In one of our biggest marketing campaigns, we’re leaning on the ‘shorter side of YouTube’ to show how easy and fun it is to make Shorts. Anyone can use music from today’s top artists, including other YouTube exclusive videos.” , said Jodi Ropert, vice president of marketing for the company.

How to create a short with music

To use your favorite song in the short, access the artist’s video on YouTube’s mobile app and check the presence of the “create” button. Just select the shortcut, and then the service will open the video creation with the built-in track.

Another possibility of embedding involves selecting the “create” option in the bottom bar of the app on the home page. Within the submenu that will open, you can select the option “Create a Short” to open the creation panel and choose “Add Music” to open a catalog of available tracks.


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