YouTube launches new feature for video surveillance


YouTube introduced its new feature for video viewing with users. The innovation brought to the “Subscriptions” section on Android devices will make it easier to watch the video of subscribed channels. Videos will be listed here. YouTube features continue to improve day by day.

The feature that was previously introduced for iOS users has also been brought to Android users. Thanks to this feature, current videos of subscribed channels can be easily followed. In addition, unfinished videos were not forgotten.

YouTube video viewing features are improving

The “Subscriptions” section on the mobile devices lists the channels that the users subscribe to. Bringing the update to Android devices for this place, Google aims for users to watch videos more easily. Users entering this section will encounter 6 different options. Tapping the options will filter the videos.

The first of these 6 options will be “All”. This tab will show all videos on the channels the user subscribed to. The next tab will be “Today”. On this tab, videos shared on the current day will be available. The third option will be “Keep watching”. Thanks to this feature, videos of unfinished and subscribed channels will be easily accessible. No hassle of searching in the past.

The fourth option will be “Not Watched”. Here, videos uploaded by channels but not watched by the user will be listed. On the fifth tab, there will be “Live” videos. Instant video events can be found here.

In the last tab, there will be “Publications”. At this point, photos and articles shared by the channels can be examined. Users will also be able to filter “Videos and posts” or “Videos only” from the “Settings” section.

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