YouTube launches “Learn at home” with YouTubers


The children have not been in school for almost a month. YouTube is mobilizing to give additional lessons live from home!

Who says YouTube is just for fun? Youtube has a lot of content for those who want to learn at home. And in this period of quarantine, the platform is mobilized.

” Learn at home ” is the name of the temporary site. Above, children from 5 to 18 years old can find content to see with or without their parents depending on their age.

So what can we find? Virtual “courses” on science, general culture or math. Some Youtubers like Dr Nozman are known for their informative content.

But what is the idea of ​​this initiative? Solidarity yes, but also “Contribute so that learning can continue”. You can read this sentence on the home page of the YouTube site .

Of course, YouTube cannot replace your teachers and story books. They also specify “these resources are not intended to replace the homework assigned by teachers – but can, we hope, complete this work”

But what can we find then on this YouTube site ? Documents from the INA, the Louvre Museum or programs like ” C’est pas sorcier ” or ” Il Once upon a time “.

Youtubers are also called upon. We can find the MCQ of Hugo Décrypte or the science videos of Dr Nozman for example.

The videos are for children aged 5 to 13 and over. The content is adapted according to the age of the child. Several themes are also present.

You can choose videos on math, science, general culture or just learn. Each category offers a playlist of several adapted videos. Enough to keep the children occupied and provide them with information.

To follow on YouTube and the site ” 1 day, 1 question ” which, in less than two minutes, explains an idea, a word or a situation with images and lots of humor.

What to learn while having fun and all that, at home! A great idea from YouTube that has been successful.


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