YouTube launches ‘chapters’ tool for platform videos


YouTube started introducing the “chapters” feature in the platform’s videos. The novelty allows you to skip exactly to the part of the video you want to watch, by displaying a descriptive title for each section of the content.

Being made available gradually around the world, YouTube videos will be segmented in the display bar. Previously, what used to be a single red bar that accompanies the gray loading line, is now divided into several sections and each of them is given a title that indicates the content.

On mobile devices, the changes are practically the same. The red bar is divided into several sections and, when advancing between them, the cell phone vibrates with each change of chapter.

Unlike many YouTube features, this navigation tool depends on the creator’s maintenance. The names of the chapters and their length are defined by the video creator in the final preparations for the launch of a video, right after the upload.

Therefore, the separation into chapters may not be adopted in all channels, but it can be a useful resource in tutorial videos, compiled from songs, recipes and more extensive programs.

An example of the application of the “chapters” is in the video of the Radiohead band’s show, Live From A Tent In Dublin. The video is 54 minutes long and each section is a song from the show.

Soon, the chapter division will reach YouTube Originals content and have specific keyboard shortcuts, a company spokesman told The Verge. In another conversation, YouTube product manager Matt Darby and Robert Thompson, the platform’s UX designer, said the company sought to understand how viewers consumed videos going door to door.

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Therefore, they realized that they needed to change the way that the videos are presented. Hence the chapters arose: the replacement of single blocks of a video in small sections with a well-defined description and extension. YouTube expects the changes to help consume content on the platform.

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